It’s no secret that the mobile marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace. According to Forrester Research, a world renowned research firm, The Mobile Marketing industry will sky rocket to a $2.5 billion dollar industry by the year 2014. But, more importantly, individuals are using their mobile phones to perform online searches. In fact, more than 91 million consumers will use the internet through their mobile device at least monthly. But, what does this mobile marketing frenzy have to do with Web Design?

Well, if consumers are looking for information on their mobile device, wouldn’t it be wise to create a Web Design that is mobile friendly?

There’s some controversy in the web industry, stating mobile Web Design is not needed. But, with statistics like 20 % of search traffic coming from a mobile device already, a mobile Web Design strategy should not be ignored. Of course, it depends on your type of business, and your objectives to decide if a mobile Web Design strategy is for you. However, the numbers keep increasing on how many people will be using their mobile device to access the internet. By implementing a mobile Web Design strategy while mobile marketing is still in its infancy, you can be way ahead of your competition. It doesn’t matter if your website is designed for the mobile market, or if it’s a custom Web Design, no matter which route you choose, it’s crucial to implement a Search Engine Optimization Strategy for your website. SpyderNet can help you design a mobile friendly site that works for you.

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